Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pic from the archives: I've just finished post production on a promo video for London Rollergirls , starring the lovely skater Lucy 'Vagablonde' Hoare, so it seemed like a good opportunity to dig this shot out of the archives, a simple portrait i did a while back with the idea of conveying the tough athleticism of these women. I have plans this year to shoot a load more sports based portraiture so stay tuned...

Monday, 9 April 2012

Pic from the archives: personal project portrait with Sohui, who was awesome to shoot, very professional, and even did her own excellent makeup.

Pic from the archives: Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Torchwood: Miracle Day. Backgrounds were shot on a rainy, windswept welsh beach while they filmed a helicopter attacking a cottage, then we shot the cast in a school hall a week later. John's always good to shoot, he loves posing with big machine guns.

Pic from the Archives: Seminal Norwegian black metal band Immortal. Shot in the hills near Abbath's house in Norway. Abbath and Demonaz were really friendly and hospitable (although Demonaz lectured me at great length on why the selections for Terrorizer's top 100 black metal bands were all wrong), i hung out in Abbath's living room with a glass of wine while they got their makeup on for the shoot. He is a massive Kiss and Motorhead fan and the room was a shrine to the two bands.

Pic from the archives: Mission 2110 for CBBC. The robots were guys in suits, standing 8ft tall and clanking around looking awesome. The series was filmed on some massive container ships moored off the coast of Scotland and was more of a pain to get to than a lot of American shoots I've done.

Pic from the archives: James Nesbitt as brain surgeon Monro, for ITV. Shot this in the operating theater set with genuine super bright brain surgery lights behind him.

pic from the archives: avenged sevenfold on a NYC rooftop. i had to jump in a taxi from the airport straight to the shoot and set up my lights having only been in the country for an hour. The guys were lovely and took me to the shake shack afterwards.

First up: pic from the archives - Matt and Karen from Doctor Who, and a whole load of digitally composited flowers.