Friday, 27 April 2012

Pic from the archives: Marchlands. This TV show was set across 3 generations of people who lived in the same house, in the 60's, the 80's and the present day. The challenge was to represent this visually, so we did three shoots at different points in the filming, when the house ws dressed for the 3 different periods. Each time i had to set up the camera to shoot from the exact same position, and light it so that the different parts would blend together, then we would shoot the relevant cast in situ. Once i'd blended the 3 periods together, we had a cross generational portrait of the same room across three different time periods.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pic From The Archives: Sam Carter, Architects. This Shot of Sam, the singer of UK metal band Architects, was sadly never used, being deemed 'too scary' by the magazine it was shot for, but i love it. Glowing hot coals in a fire were shot and the cracks and texture built up on top of Sam's face to give the feel that he was actually glowing from a fire inside. Shots of flames were then built up to make the hair. The biggest challenge was getting the balance between his real face, and him being recognisable, and the firey nature of the image, but i think it worked out pretty well.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pic from the archives: London Rollergirls - Smack To The Future. I've done a lot of posters for the London Rollergirls over the years, this bout had the typically puntastic name Smack To the Future, and so it was clear that i had to do a rollerskating version of the classic film poster, complete with flaming wheels. One thing i did realise though, was that the original poster makes NO SENSE anatomically. The flames, the car, Marty's leg, there's no correlation between them at all!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pic from the archives: Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy. I had to fly into Copenhagen airport (in Denmark) and then get a train to Halmsted (in Sweden) for the shoot. I didn't really look at all the flight details that closely beforehand and have a slightly shaky grasp of European geography, so i spent the entire trip not knowing for sure which country i was in, only what city. The band were great and Angela was lovely, she used to work in advertising and marketing so she totally gets the image side of the music business, and the whole band all liked the final images.