Friday, 4 May 2012

Pic From the Archives: Enslaved. Enslaved are a Norwegian progressive black metal band, and and i was sent out to Bergen to shoot them while the Hole In The Sky metal festival was on. I love the Scandinavian landscape and so got the band to drive us out to a location by the coast where drummer Cato regularly went fishing (he is a keen fisherman who regularly writes articles about the sport and presents fishing TV shows). There the volcanic rock, pools of water and massive sky provided the perfect backdrop for the band. To give a more dramatic result I had lights with a battery pack with me, in my wheely case which weighs about 30kg, in addition to my 17kg rucksack. Having hauled this about 3/4 of a mile over rough gravel tracks, carried it down steep hillsides and over streams, and finally opened it when we arrived at the location, i found that the bulbs in my flash heads had broken, always a risk when putting cases in the hold of a plane but actually a very rare occurrence, and so i had to shoot with natural light after all. At least i got a good workout that day.

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